Development and Implementation of Study Programmes of Sustainable and Environmental Informatics

Together with our three partner universities in Ghana, Mozambique and Tanzania, we are going to develop curricula for Study Programmes of Sustainable and Environmental Informatics. The development of curricula will be based upon surveys involving local enterprises as well as alumni of the respective universities, in order to create meaningful contents that accomodate both the importance of sustainable production and the employability of the graduates of the programme.

In order to specialize the programs in each country in the Sub-Sahara, in respect of the country‘s specific needs, possible fields could be the following:

  • Renewable Energy Technology
  • Economics for Renewable Energy
  • Electrical Power Systems
  • Demand Management and Energy Storage
  • Environmental protection of the coast and coastal areas
  • Public policy in environmental protection
  • Prevention, mitigation and cleanup of environmental problems
  • Scientific and societal factors that drive local environmental policies and management
  • National waste balance, waste management
  • Mass balance analysis of waste element flows
  • Selection of separation technologies
  • Specific conversion technologies

Development and Implementation of Professional Training Programmes of Sustainable and Environmental Informatics

Additionally to the study program, it is planned to introduce advanced practical training programmes in Sustainable and Environmental Informatics. The training programmes will be for participants that already have a Master degree or PhD in the respective field.